Why choose alpaca Wool

Why choose alpaca Wool

If you’re looking for cozy, comfortable, and stylish clothing and accessories, you might want to skip the department store and go straight to the source: alpaca products from Peru. Alpaca wool is one of the finest and most luxurious fibers in the world, and it has many advantages over the synthetic or low-quality materials you’ll find in most department stores. Here are some of the reasons why alpaca products are preferable over other fabrics. 

Alpaca Wool is Natural and Sustainable

Alpaca wool is a natural fiber that comes from the alpaca, a domesticated animal that lives in the high Andes of Peru. Alpacas are gentle and friendly creatures that have been bred for thousands of years by the indigenous people of Peru for their soft and warm wool. Alpacas are not harmed or killed for their wool, they are simply shorn once a year, usually in the spring. Alpaca wool is a renewable and biodegradable resource that does not harm the environment.

In contrast, many department store products are made from synthetic or blended fibers that are derived from petroleum or other non-renewable sources. These fibers are often treated with chemicals and dyes that can be harmful to your health and the planet. Synthetic fibers also tend to be less durable and more prone to pilling, fading, and shrinking than natural fibers.

Alpaca Wool is Soft and Comfortable

Alpaca wool is one of the softest and most comfortable fibers you can wear. It has a smooth and silky texture that feels great on your skin. Alpaca wool is also hypoallergenic, meaning it does not cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin. Alpaca wool is breathable and moisture-wicking, meaning it regulates your body temperature and keeps you dry and comfortable in any weather.

Alpaca Wool is Warm and Lightweight

Alpaca wool is one of the warmest and lightest fibers you can wear. It has a high thermal insulation value, meaning it can keep you warm in cold weather without adding bulk or weight. Alpaca wool is also resistant to wind and water, making it ideal for outdoor activities or adventures.

Alpaca Wool is Stylish and Versatile

Alpaca wool is one of the most stylish and versatile fibers you can wear. It comes in a variety of natural colors, ranging from white to black, as well as dyed colors that are vibrant and long-lasting. Alpaca wool can also be spun, woven, knitted, or crocheted into different types of garments and accessories, such as sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, socks, blankets, and more. Alpaca wool has a unique luster and drape that gives it a sophisticated and elegant look.

The difference between Alpaca and Baby Alpaca wool

After reading all this you might wonder whats so special about baby alpaca wool over 'normal' alpaca wool. The difference is the following: Baby alpaca wool is sheared from a young alpaca that has never been sheared before. This makes the wool even softer than normal alpaca wool, and you can feel that in the products! Because there are less baby alpaca's then adult alpacas, the wool is more exclusive. A lot of sellers will say their products are made out of a 100% baby alpaca wool but in reality this is not the case. Often it is a blend of baby alpaca and normal alpaca or cotton. Our producers use certified wool that contains a 100% baby alpaca wool. This gives you the best quality and experience with your product! 


As you can see, alpaca products are so amazing. Alpaca wool is natural and sustainable, soft and comfortable, warm and lightweight, stylish and versatile. Our alpaca products  are not only good for you, but also good for the alpacas, the Peruvian people, and the environment. After all this the only thing that is left to do is to try it yourself!

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