Safeguarding the Softness: A Quick Care Guide

Safeguarding the Softness: A Quick Care Guide

Alpaca Wool Care Guide 

Our products, crafted with love and precision, deserve the best care to ensure they stay as exquisite as the day you welcomed them into your life. In this guide, we'll walk you through the art of pampering your baby alpaca wonders, sharing tips and tricks to maintain their softness, shape, and beauty. Our alpaca fibers adore a gentle touch. Here's how to shower them with care:

Hand Wash:

  • Submerge your garment item in cool water with a touch of shampoo.
  • Swirl gently.
  • Rinse without wringing, then press out excess water.

Machine Wash:

  • Safeguard with a mesh laundry bag.
  • Opt for a cold, gentle cycle.
  • Remove promptly and reshape to their cozy form.

Gentle Drying

Preserve the warmth and shape of your treasures with these drying secrets:

  • Air dry and lay flat on a towel, reshaping gently.
  • Let time dry and revive your pieces away from direct sunlight or heat.

Sunlight Caution:

  • Shield your items from prolonged sunlight to maintain their vibrant hues.

By caring your Sacred Warmth treasures with the same sacred warmth they offer, you're ensuring a lasting bond. Treat each piece with tenderness, and they'll share their warmth and elegance with you for many cherished decades ahead. Thank you for choosing us — where the warmth is sacred, and every detail is crafted with love.

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